Conference Vision
Reduce global chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats to create a safer world.
Conference Mission
Provide a world class Middle East based forum where CBRN professionals, experts, and stakeholders convene to exchange ideas, make recommendations, and outline road maps for addressing current and emerging national, regional, and global CBRN safety and security priorities.
6th International Conference Priorities and Objectives
The 2021 6th International CBRN Safety and Security Coordination Conference will take a holistic view of CBRN safety and security, spanning “prevention to response” issues and priorities. Special sessions will be held featuring CBRN and law enforcement response efforts and highlighting women in the CBRN sector. The following represents topic areas and themes that will be covered in focused panel discussions, expert presentations, working groups, or selected papers or poster presentations:
  1. CBRN Attack Prevention
    1. Mapping the Threat Landscape
    2. Roles and Responsibilities
    3. Multi-Stakeholder Communication and Coordination
  2. Public and Private Sector Cooperation
    1. Import and Export Considerations
    2. National CBRN/Hazardous Material Transportation
    3. Storage and Inventory Management
  3. Special Joint Session: CBRN Response and Law Enforcement
    1. CBRN Investigations, “Post-Event”
    2. Importance of Frameworks for Coordination
    3. Technological Tools and Protocols for Information Sharing
  4. Spotlight on National CBRN Response Efforts
    1. Partnerships in “Prevention and Response” (national, regional, international
    2. Technical Solutions: Equipment and Material Resource Requirements
  5. Special Session on Women in CBRN
    1. Importance, Roles, and Opportunities
The organizers of this 6th conference will build off of the success of the 5th International CBRN Safety and Security Coordination Conference by continuing to coalesce and give voice to the full spectrum of CBRN stakeholders and practitioners. Convening public and private, government and nongovernmental, and civilian and military partners encourages comprehensive, collaborative, and complementary outcomes, fully-informed, efficient, and effective solutions to address gaps, and whole-of-ecosystem buy-in to work toward understanding and solving some of the world's most challenging security threats.
In 2021, due to continued uncertainties regarding international and national travel, the organizing committee and Government of Iraq sponsors have decided to conduct this conference as a hybrid event, accessible both via a virtual platform and in person at a location TBD.

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